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  1. F

    Whacky SWR's on Mag Mount Antenna

    Okay so this has driven me crazy. Its the only car I have the problem with so here it goes. I bought 3 K30 Magmount antennas from K40 as part of a promo run by the Pilot travel centers. I use one on rental cars when I travel. I use the other in my personal vehicle. The third is a spare...
  2. N0WEF

    My Favorite Police Chases. What Are Yours?

    Flaming Semi Chase Best Police Chase Ever - Burning Transport Truck, Trucker gets shot - YouTube 5 PITs Best police chase ever! - YouTube San Diego Tank http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGMoP9srA2c&feature=related NY Police Chase A Limo Going Upwards Of 150 mph. NY Police Chase A Limo Going...