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  1. marksroberson

    PRO510XL Antenna Problem

    I have a PRO510XL on my desk here running off a Pryamid PS-3KX (13.8 Volts, 3 amp constant- just for listening on 19) and a Wilson Little Wil on the Air conditioning unit outside the window. It worked great until a few weeks ago when the antenna got bent, so I moved it to another location on the...
  2. C

    Connex maxing out Wilson 5000?

    Ok so I ran a test today where I was driving down a very long straight country road and had a person on a small base station on one end of the road and me driving straight away from them. I started to loose them at between 6-7 miles. I have a connex 33HP-ATC with a Wilson 5000 magnet mount dead...
  3. F

    Wilson 1000 Help!!

    Okay so i have a Wilson 1000 trunk mount antenna, and right now im short of cash and i want to make my Wilson mobile used as a base. I want to put it onto my deck(my deck is 8 feet off the ground and we live at a high point) now in putting it on my deck would this effect the ground plane or is...