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win 500

  1. peq387ab

    Win 500 For EDACS Standard for Pro 197 Configuration Question

    Question I have is I'm trying to setup a EDACS Standard Configuration in WIN 500 and the question I'm stumped with the system I'm going to program there are 4 different tower location sites that I'm going to program into the scanner. I understand with EDACS the frequencies for each tower site...
  2. C

    WIN500 and pro 106 memory infomation

    Hello, i am new to radio scanning, and this forum. i just picked up a pro 106, and have purchased win 500 i have a memory question about the two items, when i started typing in my frequencies in win 500, the top says i only have about 1700 blocks of memory, what does that mean? does that...
  3. P

    need help with stopping Scan List number on display

    Hi there... I am not sure if this is a SCANNER question or a WIN500 question, but I'll ask here first. I am setting up my Mom's new Pro-197 for the first time. I think I have about everything functioning and am pretty comfortable with navigating the menus in Win500. Anyway, when the scanner...
  4. G

    Win 500 RR Download Problems

    I've been having problems with RR downloads as of late. Not sure if it is related to the recent format changes, but suspect it is. When I go to download data into the software, I'm getting significant delays in the program's response. I have seen some posts regarding data being downloaded as...