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win xp

  1. L

    Arc246 + ftdi + winxp

    Hi, I've been trying to get the following combination to work with no luck. WindowsXP virtual and a physical machine, Valley Enterprises USB1 with FTDI chip, and the Butel ARC246 software. I installed drivers, followed the documentation, click connect and the keypad locks (screen says remote...
  2. J

    Programming VX-4000 Kawa USB cable

    Trying to [re]program my VX-4000 with CE49 software, an old laptop running at 700Mhz with a fresh install of Win XP Pro. Got the radio-to-USB cable from Kawamall. Com port is set to match in Device Manager and CE49. Radio is in PC Clone mode. When I try to read the radio it starts to cycle...