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  1. D

    Wildcards and IDs

    I hope this makes sense and can get an explanation from someone. I'm learning about trunking systems, Id's ect. Anyways I'm using win500 and when I uploaded freqs from RR to my ws1065 I set most everything to wildcards. I'm getting police traffic on fire IDs and and the reverse on other IDs...
  2. D

    win500 Nationwide freqs

    Nationwide Freqs Sorry if this has been asked many times but I'm wondering if I'm missing something on finding Federal Freqs in the data base here. I'm in Indiana and started to program all the local Freqs then started on the statewide channels and now looking for nationwide channels that...
  3. B

    Need FreeSCAN or Win500 programming files?

    For several years, I offered a programming service online for all sorts of scanners, including the BCD396T, BCD396XT, BCD996XT, Pro-106, Pro-197, GRE PSR-500, GRE PSR-600, WS1040, and a few others using older software. The fee was $30 and included several counties in your area along with some...
  4. C

    Win500 file save help

    Hello to all, I am just starting to use win500 and would like assistance from those who are more knowledgeable in this program. I have the code entered, my account is active, and I can select my desired areas to download the data I would like. When I select save file, The application appears to...
  5. dfbailey

    PRO-106 Alpha Tags & WIN500 v02.08

    Several agencies just updated to the P25 system so I had to update my scanners. I also downloaded the most recent version of WIN500. For some reason some of the groups are not showing the ALPHA TAGS even though they are all filled in. Any ideas what I am missing? I want to get my feed...
  6. K

    pro 651 and Win500

    OK, Just paid 30 bucks to get my RR database access updated. Now I can't figure out how in the world to assign a talk group to a tsys using win500. Dont answer cut and paste...that's not the right answer.... I download from the RR database selecting some sites and then some talk groups...
  7. M

    Trouble adding new conv freq into Win500

    When I try to add a conventional freq into Win500 it always defaults to Scan List 1. The shortcut to add new freq does not work. I cant highlight the frame. I have to go to the All freq screen and add new to end. It always defaults to scan list 1. Is this a bug or is there a fix ? Any help would...
  8. R

    Tips for the Rookies, please

    hello all, i've been pouring over the various SLATER threads and have seen a few posts about garbled reception, and tried a few things this weekend: first, i'm using a Pro-197 second, i'm using WIN500 and doing a web import third, i started with a new template, imported all the SLATER sites and...
  9. N

    Win 10 and scan programming software

    Still wrestling with my decision for replacing my computer. Does anyone have experience with successfully running any of the following under windows 10: Win500 PSREdit Proscan Freescan ARC XT Pro I have a failing Win 7.1 machine and need to make a big decision soon. Thanks for any help
  10. N

    Program scanner with a MAC computer

    I have two Uniden 996P2 scanners and a Whistler (GRECOM) 1040 (PSR500). Currently on my PC I use Win500, PSREdit, Freescan, Proscan and ARC-XT Pro. All are fully licensed by me. If I switched to an Apple Mac will any of the programs run under a Mac PC emulator or are there any native Mac...
  11. N

    Park County Colorado - P25 system - WIN500 - Problem

    I picked up a Pro-106, uploaded the frequencies I've had in my desktop version of this scanner (which are for Jefferson County, Colorado) and everything worked fine. I built a new list, new template, in WIN500 for the Pro-106, using the Radio Reference database for Park County, Colorado (that's...
  12. N

    Win500: Stopped making entries in the log display

    no major software changes. My win500 running with a Whistler 1040 was working just fine and has suddenly stopped recording hits in the displayed log. I have tried re-booting my Win 7 and problem is still there. I can make changes to the file, adding new conventional entres and updating the...
  13. MedicDavid78

    Win500: Website issues?!?

    Is anybody else having issues with the StarrSoft website? I've been trying to download Win500 for a few days now and keep getting Page Not Available website errors... I've tried it from 3 different laptops and my phone... Did he take the site down or something? Anybody know where I can get...
  14. Dreamtime

    Programming a RS Scanner for CMARC

    Question from an old man who is not up on current radio technology, sorry if it's been covered before. My Radio Shack scanner stopped getting the Harford County, Maryland trunked system recently. I just reprogrammed it to the new CMARC system using Win500 and the Radio Reference database. Now...
  15. M

    Win500 web client?

    Does anyone know if there's a web-client version? I have my own webserver and I'd love to have a page to stream instead of making people download the Windows program (and I have people who use Mac only who can't listen). I'm thinking a Java applet would be the easiest thing but before I start...
  16. SuperTracker

    UNABLE to hear ANYTHING of Philadelphia Police or Fire on Pro-106 or Pro-197 WIN500

    As far as I know of, being original owner of both a Radioshack Pro-106 and Pro-197, I've downloaded Philadelphia Police and Fire via WIN500 and uploaded them to both scanners and I hear absolutely nothing coming from those active selected lists. I believe both scanners have latest firmware...
  17. G

    Pro 106 / 197 Rebanding Question

    I would like to know if after updating the firmware to the latest version on these scanners, do you still need to use custom bandplans, or will the scanner automatically set the correct one? I am using Win500 to program from the RR database. Also the main System I am wondering about is the TACN...
  18. visegrip72

    win500 Client for Android - Listen anywhere!

    Just released! For all of you with win500 and a compatible scanner, there is now an Android client for win500! Hook up your scanner to win500 with the data cable and an audio patch cable and you can listen to and control your scanner in the other room or anywhere you have internet access...
  19. M

    Pro-106 & Raspberry Pi setup

    I am looking into a winter project and was considering using a pro-106, win500 and raspberry pi as a packable monitor and logging set up. Was wondering if somebody has experience doing this and if it was worth the effort or was there a better option there? what flavor of Linux for the pi? the...
  20. B

    Win500 stalls when uploading

    I'm posting this story because I was unable to find a solution online for a problem I had this week. But now that I figured it out myself (after much hairpulling), I thought I would add this to the forum, in hopes that it might help someone else down the road. --- Ok, so I bought a used...