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  1. n8hee

    Problem with Win500 V2.06

    Is anyone having problems with v2.06. My old v1.72 works fine but won't access the RR files. V2.06 anytime I try to configure cable it locks the computer. I have downloaded the new driver files from the win500 web page. My computer is running Vista.
  2. N8OAY

    Win500 System Clock Error

    I downloaded and installed Win500 on my Toshiba L505D-S5983 laptop yesterday. After a reboot or resume from suspend, it will not run giving me a message that the system clock has been changed, possibly in an attempt to disable security features of the program, and telling me to reset to clock to...
  3. T

    PSR-500 and Win-500 Missing the Beginning of Transmissions

    Hi All, I'm having a bit of an issue with my PSR-500 (I use Win500 to program, monitor, and record). As best I can diagnose the problem, it seems to be two-fold. Sorry to re-post -- some in the past have had similar issues. However, I think I have a bit more info to add, and most of the...
  4. S

    Error code CCB-F in Win500 trail

    I sent an email to DonS via the only email address on his web site about the error. The only problem was that my clock had not synced with the internet yet and was just under two minutes off. it was that way when i installed the program. It had the error the second time I tried to run it in less...
  5. J

    Import CSV Files

    Does Win500 allow you to import csv files in the PSR500? New to this and became a member and I can import the files using the WEB IMPORT but haven't had success saving a file as a csv file and bringing it in the scan list. Thanks in advance for any help.
  6. MasterScan40

    Needing Help With WIN500 & PRO197 Digital Scanner set up

    Hello all! Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season! Wondering if I could find someone willing to help me reconfigure my PRO197 Scanner using WIN500? Found new control channels that I'm not sure how to plug in - since the AR rebanding, and I only have Wi-Fi for my laptop whenever I'm...
  7. M

    Win500 activity log.txt

    anybody have a good excel template for importing the win500 activity log with the following a DATE field and a HIT counter for duplicate freqs. Excel formulas? thx
  8. M

    pro-106 w/Win500

    Was wondering if there was a way to log GPS data into Win500 activity log while mobile, would allow for general location of frequency hits while trveling at 50mph +/-, for later use.
  9. w2xq

    What am I doing wrong in DB search?

    In the NJ database, I can easily find the DEP park, F&W and forestry frequencies within the FCC licenses. Using the Win500 2.02 software for the 106 (manufactured in June 2011), I am missing something obvious. Upon starting "Download from the Web" it is easy to drill down to a county list...
  10. O

    Win500 problems

    I have a .bin file supplied by GRE for Win500 and I can't import it to Win500. It's a 66kb file that leaves me with 1 search limit frequency. I'm at a loss here. Can anyone walk me through this or is the problem with the .bin file?
  11. C

    WIN500 and pro 106 memory infomation

    Hello, i am new to radio scanning, and this forum. i just picked up a pro 106, and have purchased win 500 i have a memory question about the two items, when i started typing in my frequencies in win 500, the top says i only have about 1700 blocks of memory, what does that mean? does that...
  12. W

    How to connect to Win500 server over WAN?

    I have successfully setup a Win500 remote control server with TCPMux. I have tried setting up port forwarding through my Verizon FiOS router, but I am still ubable to connect from another computer on a different network to the remote server. I am not using any special firewall software besides...
  13. H

    Win500/Ubuntu downloads from radio but nothing shows up

    I have Win500 running under WINE just fine in LinuxMint 10. I run Win500_COM.exe, select Scanner | Download From Scanner and the progress bar moves along just like normal and the scanner's LCD shows the data transfer like normal. However, once the transfer is done, the data isn't loaded into...
  14. S

    win500 / pro-106 unassigned talkgroups alpha tags

    win500 v02.00 pro-106 (purchased new 2/11) I uploaded 1 TSYS and many, but not all TGRP objects into my pro-106. In the course of listening to the TSYS, I've seen several TGRPs without an alpha tag, just the TGRP id. What I want to do is add alpha tags to the TGRPs that are without one. I...
  15. M

    Ok Statewide Trunking Tables

    So working with WIN500 I managed to change something on the trunking tables setting and need to know what the setting should be set to. My options are Default, Splinter, and Custom. I did a Win500 web import from RadioReference.com and imported the OKlahoma City transmitter(s)/frequencies along...
  16. A

    Win500 & RadioReference Download

    I want to download the National Interoperability frequencies. I can locate some of them within RR, but can't figure out where they "live" from within the Web Import option through Win500. They are not shown as being part of any State nor County I've looked in. Any Ideas RR folks?
  17. D

    How do I search for a talkgroup?

    I've had a PRO106 for over a year now, but haven't really done anything with it outside of scanning the pre-packaged info for my city. In the past few days I've bought a cheap windows laptop, a copy of WIN500 and jumped into the deep end of the pool. The campus where I work has security guards...
  18. B

    Pro106/Win500 Please help make correction

    Of the six scan groups I've programmed on my Pro106 using Win500 & RR, I'm getting a "nothing enabled" message on group 4. I've saved each of the six groups separately. Group 4 is my EMS group. Can you walk me through the steps I need to follow with my radio and the software to re-insert the...
  19. R

    Win500 for psr-310

    Does anyone have an extra product key for the Win500 Software? i bought my dad the psr-310 for christmas, but already am over my limit after buying the scanner, and i would really like to program it for him?
  20. K


    Quick question guys: I run my scanner from a remote PC, which when the power goes out or I need to restart it, it automatically loads my feed and Win500 and starts Remote monitoring upon boot-up. Problem is, there are a few settings that I want it to have loaded when it starts up, but they...