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  1. E

    Win500 Not Recording and Logging all transmissions, only a majority

    Hello! I am using Win500 v1.94 on a Windows7/x64 based system, and it's working great! One thing I have noticed, however, is that when scanning and recording all stations that are being heard, Win500 does not always record every conversation. I have tried this with a Pro-106 and a Pro-197...
  2. S

    p25 freqs

    i need help to either mannuly enter my dps freqs to my pro 106 or i would rather use my win500 i have the two freqs for my area
  3. W

    WIN500 Log question

    Below is the log from a local Motorola Type II SmartZone system. My questions are, what does the TGL/O mean? Also why do some the entries have radio ID's and others have a 5 digit number such as 00530? I thought it my be an object number but I looked and 00526, 00530 etc are not valid object...
  4. P

    Returned to Scanning After 14 Years with a Pro-106

    Hi all!, I'll introduce myself- name's Derek and I'm coming back to the scanning hobby after a 14 year hiatus. I last scanned in the late 90's with a Pro-46, wow have things changed! Anyways, so I did some research and determined my area (Shreveport/Bossier City, LA) is mostly digital so I...
  5. W

    New Web Import Utility for Win500

    I wanted to be able to import frequencies into Win500 from various web sites so I wrote a Windows utility which has a number of features to do this. It can parse Web text using a regular expression or it can parse tables when present in the HTML. There are no instructions yet, but the utility is...
  6. T

    PRO-106 and one frequency / multi-CTCSS tones

    I have a PRO-106 and am using Win500 V01.82. A frequency using a CTCSS tone signals that there is another user or potential user of that frequency. Whenever SEARCH discovers a TONE and I SAVE the frequency/tone pair, there is a nagging thought about what future pairs will be missed. As an...
  7. E

    Talkgroups vs Radio IDs & Scanning

    For the last week or so, I've had Win500 set up and recording local Group Wildcards and it's been working pretty well so far, found a lot of unlisted groups on my Pro-106. I've recently changed the settings for the radio to also log Radio IDs, which seems to be working also. Thus stems my...
  8. P

    Pro-197 (GRE-600) programming setup help?

    Hello. I feel very stupid asking this question. I am not totally ignorant of scanner programming, as I have successfully programmed via software my Pro-96 using Win96 by Starrsoft. When my Mom bought a Pro-197(GRE-600) and asked me to program it, I thought i should be able to do it with no...
  9. dmi

    (WIN500 v1.89) How to re-order Object IDs? [PRO-106]

    How to re-order Object IDs [PRO-106] such that I can make out of order "TGID Objects" appear contiguous when hitting the UP/DOWN arrows along a Scan List. Using: WIN500 v1.89 w/ RS USB cable (working setup) Windows XP PRO Latest Windows.NET Latest GRE-Drivers -- All features are working I...
  10. N

    Win500 logging problem

    I get the txt file created but only a single entry, always just the first one hit, despite many hits on a number of channels. Help appreciated Neil Bell
  11. T

    Don, do you take US Postal Money Orders?

    I am using the trial version V01.67 of WIN500. 1. I have your address from the bottom of your web site, do you take US Postal money orders? 2. Is it possible to paste/import data into Excel? I would like to make a quick guide for TGRPs and IDs. 3. In the alerts, what is <multiple>? Thank you, Tom
  12. D

    RadioShack Pro-106 Software Recommendation

    I plan on purchasing the new RadioShack Pro-106 scanner. I am not sure on what software to get though. My current scanner is a RadioShack Pro-70...I know, OLD! I just recently started looking into new scanners and I am overwhelmed by how much they have changed. All this new technology is...
  13. beischel

    GRE500/600 Marine Freq File

    Does anyone have a marine frequency file (VHF and even UHF) that they can send me so I can import it into Win500 to load into my GRE (PSR500 and 600) scanners? Or are the conventional frequency files on RR someplace that I keep missing. Also looking for railroad freqs if you have those also. If...