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  1. bbrasmussen

    Unitrunker - merging logfiles with system users and groups data

    I wrote a program and a couple of batch files to take Unitrunker logfiles (which have user id numbers and group id numbers, but don't contain labels/tags that are applied and saved in the Unitrunker system.xml files) and merge user names and group name information into the logfile. It makes it...
  2. G

    Win 96 XML error

    I received the following error when trying to import from radio reference.com to Win96: XML error detected: no element found near: ^ while requesting URL: http://www.radioreference.com/apps/xml1.1/?ol=1 I went to starrsoft.com and updated the RRlib.dll and also installed MS .Net but I am...
  3. V

    xml error

    Just started to receive this message, after finally figuring out WIN96. Please help!!!