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  1. BlueDevil

    PM1500 FL 01-90

    I recently went to clone a Motorola PM1500 Mobile Radio. It powered on fine. This radio is a high power, 110 watt, radio with remote head. Something happened during the cloning process and now when powering up the radio it will power cycle a few times showing FL 01-90 and then will finally power...
  2. N1DDC

    XTL-5000 question

    Hey y’all, Got a quick question that’s boggling my mind. I have an XTL-5000 and every time I power it on manually the screen displays a readout saying “PWROFF NODELAY” for a second and then boots up normally. I’ve tried googling and have gotten nowhere. Can someone tell me what “PWROFF...
  3. zacabo

    XTL 5000 & W3 Control Head?

    I have an XTL5000 800MHz that is headless. There are two db25 pin connectors on my radio. Is the XTL5000 capable of working with the W3 head? Has anyone had any success in making this work?
  4. SlipNutz15

    XTL5000 transmit tone

    I have programmed an XTL5000 that has a tone after the normal MDC1200 keyup (wait to talk) tone. This tone is just a short beep but it's not the short side tone beep because it does it both on MCD and ASTRO channels. It's approx 500ms into the key up. The system we are using is Analog...
  5. jtech48

    XTL5000 Ignition Switch Setting

    I just finished installing a XTL 5000 in a 2005 Ford F-150 in the dash mount configuration. Everything installed fine and it was up and running, well while i was doing some programming in the CPS i accidentally switched the Ignition Switch setting from Soft Power Off to Required and now my radio...
  6. spectr17

    New White and Blue radio setup at Henniger Flats. LA CO FD

    The new White and Blue radio setup at Henniger Flats above Pasadena CA. This replaced 2 old Motorola Syntor radios. This is a LA County fire station that does the wood/brush testing for the fire index report every afternoon. How dry is the chaparral report. Blue radio is what fire dispatches on...
  7. S

    XTL5000 Headset?

    Has anyone ever seen a headset that will work on a XTL 5000? Would like to find one for a firetruck or 2 just haven't had any luck... You can find then for handhelds all day long...
  8. S

    Hkn6155b turns on tx an xtl5000 + radio

    Hello friends! I have this problem, in a new XTL5000PLUS CONSOLETTE VERSION RADIO, trying to read/write just in the moment that the ribless usb interfase is connected te radio turns on the transmision, somebody have any idea about why does this ccurs? In the other hand i've tried to use the...