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xts 3000

  1. T

    XTS 3000 non affiliate scanning.

    Hey guys I need some help on a question about programming an XTS 3000 radio for scanning. What makes its to where the radio will not affiliate while programming the radio? How many personalities and scan list do I need in order for the radio to not affiliate?
  2. Danny37

    Picked up 2 xts3000 radios and now need some help for a volunteer EMS service

    Recently I picked up 2 Motorola xts3000 radios for our volunteer ambulance service. They both came with Ni-MH batteries with a capacity of 4000mah. So far I love the radios and programming them was an ease to do. One down side is that the batteries are heavy and I mean heavy haha. Sometimes I...
  3. T

    XTS 3000 Out of Rage Tone Trunking

    Hey everyone, So I have an XTS 3000 and I get the out of range tone on the trunking system only when its in the housing (like it should be for normal use). When I remove the housing the radio works no problem - i can hear the traffic on the talkgroup. I am only keeping the radio connected by...
  4. T

    Programming FleetNet on XTS 3000

    Hello, I was wondering what everyones thoughts were regarding programming FleetNet on an XTS 3000 when it comes to the coverage type option in the CPS. When creating the Trunking System what is the best option for the coverage type: Disabled, Local AMSS, WAC AMSS, or SmartZone? Thanks in Advance.
  5. R

    Motorola vs Multiplier - drop in mAh after conditioning - XTS batteries

    I recently re-discovered a stash of XTS3000 batteries in my pile-o-stuff and ran them through my Alexander Optimizer 2006. I still have 7 Moto batteries on the conditioner, however the cycle report thus far is quite interesting. The results are below. All 7 of my Multiplier M8923-HX (NiMh 4000...
  6. C

    Motorola XTS 3000 Model 1 HELP ****

    I have a Motorola XTS 3000 model 1 uhf radio. I am confused about the programming on this particular radio. This radio is capable of handling 48 channels. So far i have programmed 16 channels into the radio with no problem. How would you program the rest of the channels. I tried numerous...