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  1. K

    XTS2500 NAS

    Not asking for instructions here I just want to know if NAS is POSSIBLE on an XTS2500. The features on an XTS5000 that require NAS to work aren't available on an XTS2500. So is it even possible for it to be done?
  2. alabamanick

    NAS Assistance on AFRN

    Alrighty, allow me to explain this mess. I have an XTS5k model II capable of 9600 baud trunking. I program it step by step for NAS like I've done on plenty of other systems and to no avail it doesn't work. The display shows the talkgroup but no audio comes through, the speaker isn't an issue as...
  3. C

    XTS5000 Scan List Programming Issue

    Hey. I have several XTS5000 radios that I use periodically as FRS radios, as well as scanners for my local police agencies and fire departments. I just tried to modify the scan list on one of my radios and encountered an issue I haven't seen before or been able to find an answer on. When I am in...
  4. CopperWhopper67

    Motorola XTS5000 5000R Model I - Question

    I am in the market for my first professional Motorola radio and I am heavily considering an XTS5000 Model I with the MPN:H18KEC9PW5AN. Does this radio support MDC1200 Signalling? How arduous is it to program this radio? Any other information can be provided upon request. Thanks!
  5. KB3ZWI

    Motorola M3 to Baofeng / Kenwood

    Good Evening Folks, I recently purchased a Mobilinkd bluetooth kiss TNC to use with my Baofeng radio for APRS (for now) and I have realized that the RX / TX on that radio is rather poor. So, I was wondering if there was anything at there that I could connect to my Motorola HT1000 or XTS5000...
  6. Danny37

    Questions about the XTS5000

    I tried researching to find this info but nothing came up. Does anyone know when was the xts5000 launched in America? I'm thinking 2003 but I'm unsure. Also, the early batch of radios known as "Revision A" or "Version A" where launched in between what 2 time frames? 2003-2006? Thanks in advance.
  7. R

    Astro cps r20.01.00

    Does anyone know where I could find a PDF of the manual for R20.01.00?
  8. Danny37

    How to remove volume knob from an XTS5000?

    For the life of me I can not get the volume knob off the radio, it almost feels as if it's glued on. I saw snarlingbiddog's video on YouTube of him removing the knob and it just popped right off. I even followed instructions from the Manual via this link...
  9. MedicDavid78

    Brand new XTS5000 battery charging?

    Hey guys & gals, just a quick question. I just received a brand new Impres Li-ion high-capacity 4500-mAh battery for my XTS5000. I just put it in the charger for the first time and it’s conditioning Itself! Now I can’t recall any of my other batteries ever doing this but it’s been a while...
  10. Danny37

    Proud Owner of a Motorola XTS5000

    I recently picked up a XTS5000 Model 3 UHF Split 450-512 Radio on eBay in a bidding war. The lister who listed it didn't tag the sale as most people would with the model number and split, he just put xts5000 in the listing. To my advantage there was only 2 biders including myself, I won the bid...
  11. zacabo

    XTS5000 Encryption Keyloading

    I have an XTS5000 that when I attach the KVL 3000+ cable (OEM) to the radio it will not enter the keyloading mode. I have tried to switch the housing with a working one and it didn't work. The contacts on the radio seem fine and I can read and write to the radio. I ended up having to switch the...
  12. A

    XTS5000 Shut down during transmit.

    Have an XTS5000 VHF that will receive for hours with no Issue, but will shut down once the PTT ID transmits and start back up again. This is with and without an RSM Looked all over for a solution but found none.
  13. SCPD

    XTS5000 Advanced System Keys and programming

    Okay, I have a bit of an issue and done many days and hours of searching the interwebs and forums. I purchased another XTS5000 online that came from an auction. I read the radio, no problem. I go to program new things into it, and kicks back saying it cannot due to Advanced System Keys being...
  14. P

    XTS5000 Speaker mic

    I have an xts5000 model 2 (analog vhf) that I bought off ebay. It has been programmed and functions correctly except that the speaker mic does not work at all. No audio and the PTT switch does nothing. I assumed that I had been given a bad mic so I bought another commander ii. Same problem...
  15. SCPD

    Problems with hidden channel scan and missed transmissions

    Hello all! I have a question about an XTS5000 and monitoring digital trunked system via the hidden channel method. I have two different systems programmed in here. (I am well versed in the CPS and programming) but for some reason one of the systems works perfectly and receives 100% of the time...
  16. zacsharpe

    XTS5000/2500 tuning/alignment

    I have an XTS5000 and an XTS2500. I noticed that the XTS5000 gets a garbled voice and sometimes the transmissions get clipped. The XTS2500 seems to work fine. This leads me to believe that the 5000 needs a tuning. I'm new to the tuning/alignment world. I have a buddy, that has helped me a great...
  17. MedicDavid78

    XTS5000 VHF QC-II question

    Hello everybody, I'm hoping someone can answer my question. I have a VHF XTS5000 Model 2, and I have confirmed it received Motorola QC-II decode cuz I've gotten it to alert on my local stations tones. But my question is: is there any way to decode multiple QC-II tones on 1...
  18. Z

    XTS5000 programming issue

    Hello all. I have an XTS5000 that I just aquired. This is my second one and I'm having a bizarre issue with it. Everything works great except for one thing... When I am receiving transmissions, about 2 seconds into the transmission the radio makes a very loud beep. This happens during every...
  19. W

    Missing PL Tone of 173.8 in XTS5000

    Has anyone ever noticed there is a missing tone of 173.8 in the XTS5000 software? Am I missing something? Why is that tone missing?
  20. A

    XTS5000 public safety mic question

    Happy early new year to all! My question is regarding using NMN6250A public safety mic as a regular speaker mic on an XTS5000 sans antenna on the mic. If I simply connect the mic to the radio without installing the SMA RF adapter, will the RF continue to port to the radio mounted antenna? I...