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yaesu ft60r

  1. J

    Yaesu FT-60R and the military airband

    I suppose I'm going through that HT phase that new hams tend to go through at one point or another and have several of the Chinese radios, but now I'm looking at getting my first radio from the Big Three, namely the Yaesu FT-60R. I have one question concerning this radio. Is it possible to...
  2. M

    yaesu ft-60r problem after mod

    so just did the transmit mod i got form KB2LJJ Radio Mods Database and Manuals and my radio now only powers on when it wants to. for instance if i have it on and then turn it off it wont turn back on for maybe an hour or so. no clue what the deal is, two of my buddies have done this to theirs...
  3. B

    Yaesu FT60R won't go into Memory Mode nor VFO mode...

    Hi, I'm fairly new with the FT60 but up until now I've had no problems. This one is driving me batty. I was trying to scan just one memory bank, and now it's stuck permanently in that mode. I've tried about everything except a factory restore, but it just will not go back into any sort of...