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  1. CQ

    Yaesu: FT-2DR - This Is YUGE

    You can now use the Yaesu FT-2DR HT as a WiRES-X node and in HRI mode with new firmware. (y) WiRES-X Software & FT-2DR Firmware Announcement All for under 3 bills until the end of the month. YAESU FT-2DR Transceivers HT Dual Band 2m-70cm, FT2DR
  2. B

    Yaesu: VX-3R Freq Steps?

    I have several vx-2's and one vx-3r. I can use VX-2 commander to program 15x.3175 no issues. works great. With Chirp and the VX-3R It will not let me enter that channel at all. Gives me an error about the 2.5 tuning step not supported. Why does it work on the vx2 and not the vx3??? Thanks, Rick
  3. w2xq

    Which C4FM HT?

    I am in a puzzlement on buying a new HT as what to replace my current, dying, very old Yaesu VX6-R. Looking at repeater lists such as repeaterbook.com and here suggests that Yaesu C4FM repreaters carry the torch for digital repeaters. D-Star repeaters are few in and far between in my area, and...
  4. T

    Scanner Interference

    Hi all, I have a narrowbanded Yaesu FT-2900r that I have scanning some railroad frequencies in the area and within the past year, it has started to develop this unusual interference. I've included a link in this post so everyone can take a listen. The entire setup consists of a dpdproductions...
  5. D

    Yaesu: Unhappy YAESU FT-8900 - flashing busy

    Hi Folks, I just powered up my FT-8900R in the truck and no joy !! When I powered it up, the radio started up normally but then both sides of the radio started showing the two busy channel indicators flashing on both sides of the radio. I can’t TX on either side of the radio but I am able...
  6. V

    Yaesu: FT-70R Mars/Cap Mod - Bank modes

    I did the mars/cap mod for my radio and now can't seem to get it into bank scan mode?.. I've used the Yaesu software prior and after to program the radio.. but again can't seem to get it into bank scan mode.. argh.. What am I doing wrong? or is this a bug? Any help would be appreciated.
  7. M

    Yaesu: VX-6R Noise Issue?

    Hi! I'm fairly new to ham radio. I'm taking my tech exam soon and purchased a used VX-6R. I noticed that there is a rhythmic choppiness on some frequencies (usually repeaters) when the signal is coming in at around S5 to S9. There is no choppiness when the signal is S9+ from local transmissions...
  8. vk3xem

    Yaesu: HRI-200

    I am waiting for my HRI-200 WIRES-X node to arrive in the next week or so. I would like to use the monitor socket on the rear of the node to set up a Broadcastify feed for people around the world to listen to. I am going to use the same computer the WIRES-X node will be using, as the HRI-200...
  9. K

    Yaesu FT-3000m service manual

    I need a service manual/technical bulletin for a Yaesu FT-3000m mobile. Mine stopped working on the local repeater. Tried a different repeater. no luck. Hooked to my base antenna (2m) no luck. Tried it on low power and RX on my base rig and I could hear myself. Going to connect to a wattmeter...
  10. M

    Yaesu: FT-857D vfo scan in 2m FM does not stop

    Hi, Trying to figure out a frustrating problem with my FT-857D. I am trying to do VFO scanning in 2m (144-148MHz) band. SQL/RF dial is set to SQL, the mode is FM, and TON (button A) in MFe is set to blank (ie, no tone encoding). However, when I scan, the scan does not stop even if it picks up a...
  11. N2AL

    Yaesu: Yaesu FT1DR WIRES-X Programming Software Error

    Hey everyone! I have a question regarding the Yaesu FT1DR, and its programming software, and the use of WIRES-X. I am hoping someone else had an issue, was able to correct it, and can share their method for fixing it. I currently use RT Systems software to program my Yaesu FT1DR, due to the...
  12. N2AL

    Yaesu: Does The Yaesu FT1D Automatically Insert Monitored Frequency In APRS Position Comment

    Hey everyone! I have a question about the Yaesu FT1D, and APRS. When I had a Kenwood D710 in the APRS status comment I had the ability to input a code that would automatically show on my APRS beacons what frequency I was monitoring, tone, and offset. If I changed frequencies on the radio it...
  13. R

    Kenwood TH-K20A and Yaesu FT-270R for Railroads

    Hello everyone. I am a railfan from Michigan. I have a cheap Baifeng with a Diamond SRJ77CA antenna and I'm just not impressed. From reading many forums, I find it true that bad radio + good antenna still = bad radio I am hearing amazing rave ratings of the Kenwood TH-K20A and the Yaesu...
  14. RadioGuy1951

    Yaesu: FT60: scanning police & fire bands

    Help please...I want to set up some of the channels into scan banks for police & fire freqs (receive only, NO transmit) on my Yaesu FT-60... Using FT-60 Commander, I'm able to set up the 2 way ham freqs OK... But it won't accept non ham band freqs, even though the manual says it can receive...
  15. M

    Yaesu: Using Yaesu FT-600 with FC-30 tuner

    Hi Yaesu FT-600 (SYSTEM 600) is an old rig. Its manual states FC-800 as its external tuner. I've found a FC-30 for sale (which is rather a new model) but I don't know if I can use it with my rig. Anyone here has the experience? (With Icom, you usually can use any rig with any tuner. They have a...
  16. gonzalu

    Can Icom or Yaesu do this?

    I am looking for a way to quickly access memory locations/frequencies on a VHF radio with airband coverage. I love the new touch screen capable radios from Yaesu and Icom but don't know if I could have this capability. Here is an example of what I am looking for. Thank you.
  17. gonzalu

    Quick Access To Memories or Frequencies

    Hello all, Not sure where to post this. While I think this will probably be best served in the Uniden and Yaesu Forums, the rules do not allow for cross forum posting. So I will start here. I do quite a bit of Aviation monitoring for my spotting hobby. While monitoring aircraft and ATC, I try...
  18. J

    Yaesu: vhf noise

    So I recently installed a new yaesu 2900 and larsen nmo150 antenna in my truck to monitor two meters and some utility frequencies. It seems to work good except on certain frequencies it picks up a lot of noise and on others it doesn't. This radio has a squelch knob which helps eliminate the...
  19. E

    Does the yaesu ft-817nd transmit on 11m cb?

    Anyone that has the YAESU FT-817ND, do you know it can transmit on 11M CB?
  20. BamaScan

    500 dollar Yaesu C4FM Repeater

    I just found out that Yaesu is selling the C4FM Repeater for 500 dollars. You have to call the directly. I have seen them retail as high as 1 thousand elsewhere. This sounds to good to be true. I called Yaesu directly and the confirmed it. Wonder why they are lowering the price ?? Maybe they are...