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  1. W

    Yaesu: FTM-100DR - C4FM Not Working

    The digital side is not working at all on my friends radio. I started updating the firmware but noticed the DSN firmware read version 0.00. I went ahead and tried updating the Radio, Display Panel, and finally the DSN. All took the firmware upgrade but the DSN. Anyone else have the same...
  2. C

    Yaesu: VX-8DR Error when trying to program via USB

    Hi everyone - I've been trying with no success to program my VX-8DR via USB cable. I have the RT Systems cable and software and have tried on multiple systems with multiple USB-59 cables also. I am getting to the Clone screen just fine, and then when I press BAND to transmit, the window changes...
  3. D

    Yaesu ATAS-120 disassembly

    Hi Gang, Has anyone out there ever disassembled a Yeasu ATAS-120 I have a new one but it appears stuck, in that it won't go up. I took it apart based on a doc I found on the web but it only goes so far. I have it now down to where I need to get the top aluminum piece off that holds the...
  4. D

    Yaesu: G450 Router dead out of box

    Hi Folks, I bought a Yeasu G-450A Router here a while ago and I just got it installed it today. I followed the cabling instructions and it HAS been toned out and tested for continuity on all 6 pins twice. In running the steps on page 8 I have gone thru steps 1-5 and the router HAS gone and...
  5. Raptor05121

    1998 F-150- Mobile Yaesu for VFD

    I just got done wiring mine in today. Its an old hand-me-down I got from a family member and did some work to get it powered up. Yaesu FT-2400H Transceiver 2-meter 144 MHz mated to a brand-new Radio Shack antenna. Hard-mounted to my center console. The fused power wires go under the...
  6. duchee

    duluth,mn Ham frequencies

    wheres the best place to find used ham frequencys and repeaters for my area?? i have found misc sites but there not the best and kinda suck. thanks!