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york county

  1. u2brent

    York County Convention Channels

    Anyone know/hear what I'm hearing? I've been hearing traffic on 1 unidentified channel in P25 Mode. 500.887500 MHz NFM with NAC 037 sounds like Police mostly, maybe a little EMS. Closest result of RR search is Chester Co. but I'm definitely hearing York comms. Any input would be appreciated :)
  2. B

    Garbled transmissions

    Help, I am new to scanning project 25 systems. I am trying to scan York County, VA. Everything I hear is garbled. Any suggestions?
  3. R

    Palmetto 800 problems (york county)

    Attempting to scan Palmetto 800 system in York county SC with Uniden Home Patrol 1 (extreme). Upon completion of entering 800 system and attempting to scan, no activity can be heard (scanned for several hours w/multiple TG's programmed). Using the system analyzer built into the HP1, it shows no...
  4. D

    York county live audio help

    Does anyone know why the York county live audio feed is down? The feed quality has been poor lately and then suddenly now it had been offline for a while. Also, does anyone know if there is a way to bring it back online??
  5. K

    York County, VA fire tone out codes

    Does anyone know the fire tone out codes for york county's digital system so I can enter it into my BCD996XT. Also trying to confirm if you can scan the police in Charles city county since their system is Motorola TRBO. Thanks for the help!
  6. S

    Programming Help for York Co SC

    I have the digital scanner the firmware needs to be updated and have 2 other scanners to be programmed with the new York County Syetem...can anyone help? We are willing to pay to have the software upgraded and scanners programmed. Thank you
  7. N

    What Scanner(s) needed for Central PA coverage?

    I don't have much radio background. The news organization I work for covers 5 counties in Central PA: Cumberland, Dauphin, Lebanon, Perry and York (northern part). This also means a lot of area is under State Police coverage and also Capitol Police (both on PA-STARNet OpenSky although State...