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york region

  1. S

    YRT York Region Transit (MOBILITY PLUS RADIO) frequency ???

    My son has a disability and uses YRT Mobility Plus Transit vehicles that are often late. Does anyone know what radio frequency they are using. Thanks
  2. techguru55


    Hi There, I'm a new listener, having come across the site a few weeks ago. Instantly hooked. This weekend, the feed from the OPP and York Region YRP went down. Does anyone know if it is a permanent condition, or is it being worked on? Thanks.
  3. J

    York and Durham Police Patch?

    It's 2:30am (can't sleep) and on YRP 5 District air I've just heard York dispatch doing a test with Durham police dispatch. (I thought Durham used Mike and was unmonitorable, but this was very clearly them.) This test included York dispatch calling a Durham unit, Durham dispatch calling a York...
  4. J

    "responding par 3 buckled"

    I've only just recently dipped into the scanning world, and while I did a search on here and thru Google to find out what this means I found no results. I've heard York Region fire use variations of this phrase quite often but have no idea what it means: "responding par 3 buckled" "responding...