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  1. spectr17

    Yucaipa manhunt. Shots fired, deputy car rammed

    Here we go again. Suspect rammed patrol car and fled north or south on Bryant from Yucaipa Blvd 30 min ago. White male, 5'8", brown over brown. White Buick coupe with front window shot out and extensive damage to rear. Suspect also wanted for 187 in Riverside. San Bernardino County System 6...
  2. spectr17

    Tour bus crash, Hwy 38 near Yucaipa CA

    20-30 victims, multiple fatalities being reported. Incident is now called "Hwy 38". scanner feed San Bernardino County System 6, 7, 8 - East Valley and SB Mtn Police, Fire, EMS Live Scanner Audio Feed
  3. spectr17

    Redlands PD & FD, east valley SB sheriff feed online now

    Redlands FD had a feed going but they went offline due to equipment issues it appears until Feb 2013. I popped a new feed up with a BCD396XT. Feed is San Bernardino County System 6 & 7. Redlands FD, PD & animal control. Big Bear, Yucaipa & Mentone Sheriff. Commonly monitored are 6-FIRE-2...
  4. M

    Help with Yucaipa Frequencies??!

    Does anyone KNOW what frequencies the S.B.Sheriff in Yucaipa uses?! -- I can never hear anything from in or around there! (new at all this) To the best of my abilities, I've discerned that it's either channel 6 or 7, but somehow I keep thinking I'm missing something! There's never much chatter...