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  1. R

    Zetron 4010 -> Zetron 250 -> Motorola CDM1250

    So I'm currently in the midst of trying to put a radio system into operation for a local ems organization (everythings been done with donations and such). I had found the zetron 4010 to cdm1250 hookups in another thread on this site. The only issue that I found was I was getting a tone in the...
  2. T

    Zetron MDC question

    Our Town is almost done with the new police station/communications building project. They are in the radio programming/testing phase, they have installed a new zetron system. The company they hired to program the system has told the Fire Chief that the new system wont display radio identifiers...
  3. E

    Help with Zetron ZR310 and GR1225 UHF repeater

    Ok this is what I have: 1 Motorola GR1225 UHF base/repeater station 1 Cresend 100 watt UHF PA deck 1 Zetron ZR310 Shared repeater unit 1 set of zr310 to gr1225 15 pin cables Official 1225 RSS, RS232 Motorola RIB and a old pentium D class PC. I have a commercial community repeater license but...
  4. N

    Interfacing Zetron 4010 and Motorola/Kenwood Radios

    Interfacing Zetron 4010 and Motorola/Kenwood Radios Few questions: Can a Zetron 4010 be directly interfaced with Motorola CDM radios from the zetron channel card (CDM 1250 & 1550) or is a separate remote adapter needed? Other than RX/TX and PTT - what other items can be programmed to work...
  5. KD2DXF

    Zetron Model 64 Dapt Plus

    I have acquired a used model 64 Dapt Plus paging system that is made by Zetron. I would like to use the radio as a phone to radio interface. I have emailed Zetron, with no results. So my question is how does one go about reprogramming this model. It is currently just set up for paging. Any...
  6. B

    Moto MTS2000 on Zetron Radio System

    OK so I know this is a long shot but I am hoping someone has a similar setup or has knowledge of this that could help me out. We have a bunch of Motorola MTS2000 Flashport II handhelds that we use. Each has a 4 digit identifier that is displayed on the Zetron Call History Window after each...
  7. F

    Question about old Austin FD Tones

    Does anyone know what the format used for the old tone alerting system used by Austin FD before they switched to Locution? I know it was activated by a Zetron console, and it sounded like two short "blips", repeated for each station, with a long alert tone at the end. Then, after the...
  8. fwfdengine2

    Saint Paul FD / Minneapolis FD

    Does anyone know of any non-trunked frequencies for Minneapolis Fire and Saint Paul Fire? I have yet to get my P25 scanner... Thanks, fwfdengine2