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161.415 on BNSF Phoenix Sub ATCS?

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Dec 14, 2001
Far NW Valley
I am hearing what sounds like ATCS data chirps on 161.415 from my home about 50 miles NW of Phoenix. My house is about 10 miles SW of Wittmann on the BNSF Phoenix Sub.

Every time I hear a BNSF train hit the detector at MP 155.4 (Between CHS and Wittmann) I will soon here ATCS-like chirps on 161.415.

I have seen reports from about 10 years ago of 161.415 being used on the UP's Sunset Route as a BCP channel but the closest I am to the Sunset Route is about 60 miles at Gila Bend and this is much too strong.

Can anyone confirm that 161.415 is or is not a BCP on the BNSF?

I will try and decode it with the ATCS app but it has been a long time since I have run it and it will take a while to get the levels set properly.
Not open for further replies.