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2 F15's flyover Sunday 9-11 at 9:47AM, Yuba City

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Feb 10, 2005
Olivehurst, California
Reception report on F15's over Yuba City, CA

Heard Flood 1 talking to ATC on 259.1.
ATC asked if going to Mather also. Negative.
Flood 1 (2) flew 1000 feet over football field.
Saw the two F15's from my house location on Arboga Road, make a slow climbing right turn.
Flood 1 requested to fly to Redding for practice approach and then back along coast to
Portland to burn off some gas, then return to Klamath Falls. ATC moved them to 350.3 MHz.

It all happened so fast. Not very loud 5 miles away.

jim vm
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