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2007 Grand Marquis (Crown Vic) console

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Aug 24, 2004
Kingston, Jamaica
I'm about to install a Troy 7" console in the above vehicle - manufacture states "lagged direct to transmission tunnel".

I'd welcome comments, hits etc about doing this (apart from the obvious "don't drill through without checking what's behind")

My previous vehicle had a mounting plate tat used the seat bolts - I' just a littgle nervous about drilling through the floor of m new vehicle. Any make me feel more confident?

Sep 17, 2004
NJ USA (Republic of NJ)
I'm assuming that you have a CV with a bench seat and you have a CC-C05 console?

I also assume its a new console and the appropriate mounting brackets were included?

If so you should have no problem just as long as you go slow and careful like you mentioned.

I have always mounted the Troy consoles with the mounting trays and the seat bolts but if I were to mount without and had to come up with my own fabricated brackets I would use the drill bit tip screws to make make it easier to get it mounted to the floor. Sometimes the manufactures include screws and bolts that don't work well so I go and find better ones for the job.

Not sure if this model console has a grounding lug but if so ground everything inside the console to that then run a 10 gage ground wire to the passenger side 10mm bolt ground connections under the kick plate plastic molding. This reduces the amount of wiring inside and outside the console you have to deal with.

I'm guessing you only have about 2 or 3 items (radios,light controls, etc.) to mount in the console so for the positive connections you could go right to the fuse block for the positive wires and use the "pigtail fuse taps". DO NOT use the fuse blade adapter taps as they can damage the fuse block housing connections by spreading them too far apart. Many times I have seen these vehicles come in for repair due to this and the entire fuse box had to be replaced(big job & lots of $ to repair for a dealer).

Good luck & let us know how you make out(pics please if possible)....
Aug 11, 2004
Romulus, Mi.
Bench seat?
You might want to consider re-doing the inside of that vehicle. Get single seats. By the time you install that console, you'll have no room to move your seat back and forth.
If and whe you do mount the console, and attempt to go through the floor with the "Lag" screws, make sure that there is enough clearance once the screw is throguh the floor board. You can easily " lathe" and damage the drive shaft and cause all kind of problems if the screw is too long.
Recently, I attempted installing an Icom IC-735 and Kenwood TM 714 in a 2007 Marquis. We only had enough room for the 714. the IC-735 was way long to properly be installed in the area between the front of the bench seat and the beginning of the dash area. There is just not enough room.
Good luck with the install.
Nov 5, 2007
FWIW, the factory service manual for the Crown Vic includes numerous drilling templates, and has an entire section on where to (and where to not) drill into the car.

It's not a cheap manual, but it's the best source of info you can get, and if it prevents you from accidentally "holing" only one important item, it's paid for itself.
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