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2008/05/25 VHF Low Band

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Dec 19, 2002
Hill Country Village, Texas
2008/05/25 VHF Low Band
QTH: South Texas EL09
RIG: Uniden 396T w/ dipole

29.5200 0:00:31 Ham
29.6000 23:31:06 Ham
29.6400 0:01:14 Ham
29.6800 C118.8 19:54:27 Ham
31.1600 C123.0 15:05:42 Aircraft & ground units.
31.2400 C127.3 23:26:34 Jukebox repair, Schwartzman in Berryville
31.5600 C192.8 20:29:36 Business
33.8600 C82.5 22:46:46 EMS
33.9000 23:54:58 Fire & EMS - very active
35.3800 23:58:30 Last part of cw id " 566"
35.4800 C156.7 20:50:00 "Call me"
39.8000 23:27:28 KAG584, Otoe county NE
39.9000 22:05:08 Police, NE, "go ahead calling Pierce"
42.1200 C186.2 20:37:49 KAA203, MO Highway Patrol, very active
42.1400 C186.2 20:57:56 KAA203, MO Highway Patrol, very active
42.2400 C203.5 23:54:37 Carrier, no audio
42.3000 D465 14:30:08 NE Highway Patrol, multiple stations
42.3400 23:57:59 NE Highway Patrol, multiple stations
42.3800 C173.8 22:48:41 KAA522 MO State Police w/ storm warning for Mansville
42.4000 C173.8 0:00:08 KAA204 MO State Police, very strong signals
42.4600 D114 22:03:05 NE Highway Patrol, multiple stations
42.4800 D244 3:53:34 NE Highway Patrol, multiple stations
42.5800 C186.2 20:37:00 KAA928, MO Highway Patrol, Troop I, Rolla
42.6400 C186.2 22:36:15 KAB302, MO Highway Patrol, Troop F, Jefferson City
42.7800 C186.2 22:55:29 MO Highway Patrol
42.8200 C186.2 22:49:12 KAA201, MO Highway Patrol, Troop B, Macon
42.8600 C203.5 22:44:28 KAA202, MO Highway Patrol, Troop A
42.9200 C173.8 20:37:42 KAA202, MO Highway Patrol
42.9400 C173.8 20:30:46 KAA270, MO Highway Patrol, Troop E
42.9400 C203.5 23:06:22 KAA202, MO Highway Patrol, Troop A
43.0200 14:51:52 WQFX325, DLH Bridge Road Construction, MO
44.2000 19:45:31 Meteor Scatter
44.3800 C146.2 15:27:41 Last part of cw id, " n77?"
45.2000 22:58:38 "the current temp is 85 degrees, the low for.."
46.1400 C107.2 22:58:55 Fire / EMS
47.8400 C146.2 23:34:10 Electrical utility, possibly Aquila Inc, MO
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Nov 4, 2007
Gothenburg, NE
43g70 said:
39.90 Mhz is probably from Nebraska. That would be Peirce, NE.
Most outstate Nebraska public safety agencies have 39.90 capability, it used to be a primary channel, now it is mainly used for interoperability, everyone involved in an event can then talk to each other.
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Jul 10, 2006
Carteret County NC
42.64 Jefferson City MO Highway Patrol active here in coastal NC all late afternoon Sunday.....

this is my 'beacon' for 6m openings from the central US to coastal SE NC....always the first to show up here....

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