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2008/06/01 VHF Low Band

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Dec 19, 2002
Hill Country Village, Texas
2008/06/01 VHF Low Band
South Texas EL09

30.7000 C118.8 "to Mt Vernon"
31.2400 C127.3 Business
31.4800 C107.2 "stop, it's getting too windy"
31.8800 C127.3 "how dry is it acros't the ditch towards Eckerds?"
33.9000 Fire / EMS, Hamilton Co, OH
34.2000 C150.0 US Mil
35.3600 "you allright?"
35.3800 Last part of cw id " 566"
35.5400 Voice paging
39.9000 EMS / Police / "Menden<?> FD / "Lexington FD"
42.0400 D662 NE State Patrol
42.0600 C203.5 MO Highway Patrol
42.1400 C186.2 MO Highway Patrol
42.1800 D174 NE State Patrol
42.1800 D331 NE State Patrol
42.2200 C186.2 MO Highway Patrol
42.3000 D155 NE State Patrol
42.3000 D265 NE State Patrol
42.3000 D465 NE State Patrol
42.3400 D114 NE State Patrol
42.3400 D155 NE State Patrol
42.3400 D174 NE State Patrol
42.3400 D331 NE State Patrol
42.3800 C173.8 MO Highway Patrol
42.4000 C173.8 MO Highway Patrol
42.4600 D114 NE State Patrol
42.4600 D131 NE State Patrol
42.4600 D155 NE State Patrol
42.4600 D244 NE State Patrol
42.4600 D265 NE State Patrol
42.4600 D365 NE State Patrol
42.4600 D423 NE State Patrol
42.4600 D465 NE State Patrol
42.4800 D032 NE State Patrol
42.4800 D114 NE State Patrol
42.5800 C186.2 MO Highway Patrol
42.6400 C186.2 MO Highway Patrol
42.8200 C186.2 MO Highway Patrol
42.8600 C203.5 MO Highway Patrol
42.9400 C203.5 MO Highway Patrol
45.9200 Business
45.9800 C203.5 Part of cw id " SH33 "


Dec 26, 2005
Fairfax County, VA - FM18:
8-10 pm eastern

32.350 keyups
33.540 C118.8
33.820 CSQ "direct"
39.180 C136.5
46.120 C165.5 - dispatch tones
47.800 C100.0

I guess this isn't technically tropo, but the band is much more open than it normally is for this location, so I figured I would put it in anyway.

152.7125 Fork Mountain STARS control channel
153.7100 C156.7
154.3850 C186.2
154.4150 C71.9
154.7250 C131.8 Fredricksburg, VA Police
154.7850 CW ID, weak
154.8150 C131.8
154.8750 D662
155.6175 C179.9
155.6850 C192.8
156.1950 CSQ - Spotsylvania County, VA Fire Dispatch
158.7900 C186.2 Caroline County, VA Sheriff
159.0900 C146.2
159.0975 APCO-25 voice - louisa county STARS site?
159.1500 APCO-25 MPDC simulcast (normally can't receive this whatsoever, now coming in really loud)
159.3975 APCO-25 voice either Thornburg or Emporia STARS site
159.4500 C100.0 Virginia Department of Forestry - Farmville
162.4000 NOAA Weather Radio - talking about Virginia Beach, thunderstorms near "York River State Park"
162.4750 NOAA Weather Radio - two stations all over each other
162.5250 NOAA Weather Radio - two stations all over each other
166.9000 APCO-25 Shenandoah National Park Police
171.1000 APCO-25 Shenandoah National Park
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Jan 5, 2004
Lo Co VA/ FM19
33.820 CSQ "direct" Possibly Calvert Co, MD Fire Dispatch
39.180 C136.5 Washington Co, MD Sheriff
154.3850 C186.2 Caroline Co, VA Fire Dispatch
154.8750 D662 Jefferson Co, WV Sheriff
155.6175 C179.9 Warren County Fire/Rescue Dispatch
155.6850 C192.8 Town of Orange,VA PD
159.0900 C146.2 King George County, VA Sheriff Dispatch
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