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2008 Tour de Georgia Radio Frequencies

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Mar 25, 2007
The 2008 Tour de Georgia (TdG) bike race starts in Savannah on 04/21/08 and ends in Atlanta on 04/27/08. As in past years, the race operations will use UHF radios to coordinate operations, including race updates from the rolling caravan and peloton.

Their set-up, provided by Total RF, LLC, will include an airplane-based repeater to extend coverage from start to finish of each stage. In past years, I have actually received coverage from as far as 100 miles away.

The following is a list of channels / frequencies and DLP tones that the TdG will be using this year:

Channel Type Description RX DCS Tone TX DCS Tone
1 Simplex Radio Tour (S) 450.6250 114 450.6250 114 12.5 KHZ
2 Repeater Radio Tour (R) 450.6250 114 455.6250 306 12.5 KHZ
3 Simplex Caravan (S) 450.9000 073 450.9000 073 12.5 KHZ
4 Repeater Caravan (R) 450.9000 073 455.9000 073 12.5 KHZ
5 Simplex Info / Bcst (S) 450.0750 071 450.0750 071 12.5 KHZ
6 Repeater Info / Bcst (R) 450.0750 071 455.0750 343 12.5 KHZ
7 Simplex Officials (S) 450.0375 065 450.0375 065 12.5 KHZ
8 Repeater Officials (R) 450.0375 065 455.0375 065 12.5 KHZ
9 Simplex Race Ops (S) 450.5500 054 450.5500 054 12.5 KHZ
10 Repeater Race Ops (R) 450.5500 054 455.5500 245 12.5 KHZ
11 Simplex Construction (S) 457.7125 051 457.7125 051 12.5 KHZ
12 Simplex Expo (S) 457.1125 174 457.1125 174 12.5 KHZ
13 Simplex Talkaround (S) 461.8375 047 461.8375 047 12.5 KHZ
14 Simplex Security (S) 462.1375 165 462.1375 165 12.5 KHZ
15 Simplex Media Ops (S) 462.4875 043 462.4875 043 12.5 KHZ
16 Simplex Med Crew (S) 462.7625 125 462.7625 125 12.5 KHZ

To check when the TdG will be within range, go the their web site at www.tourdegeorgia.com. This site details each stage of the TdG, including Google Earth maps, timetables and course profile information.

The channel which should be most active is #2, "Radio Tour (R)" at 455.6250 (DCS 306). This is the repeater channel for Radio Tour, effectively the main information channel on all action during the race, broadcast in English and French. However, the other channels will also be full of activity, as they are used to pass real-time information to the Radio Tour channel, including officials, street closings, medical, accidents, team car communications, etc.

Hope you and others find this to be useful and enjoyable!


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