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396xt file for ouachita parish lwin

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Oct 25, 2002
Ouachita Parish LA
Does anyone have a working 396xt file for lwin in ouachita parish they could upload? I have tried for weeks trying to download and setup from RR. Mine works for a few hours or so then it stops picking up anything. Then it randomly starts picking up again. Opso seems to the only agency that works more than others. I have calhoun.monroe. and west monroe sites selected. I am guessing I am not doing the control channels right or something. It was working right and then it started acting odd.

I am guessing the scanner is working and I just have issues with site config. I just dont understand why the TGs work and randomly stop working. I live in the SW part of the parish. I may be too far out. Who knows?

Thanks in advance


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