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460.300, Monroe Co. No. East- Am I hearing DMR?

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Aug 18, 2007
Pike County, Pennsylvania
I normally monitor 460.300 [662DPL] Monroe County Fire North East on two scanners.

This morning around 0900, for the first time, I'm hearing what sounds like DMR traffic.

My BC355N with no PL/DPL capability is buzzing away often with what sounds like DMR traffic.

My HP-1 is set to 662DPL and is silent.

The database shows no users in PA/NY/NJ close to my location and I've never heard any other traffic on this frequency except MC Fire

MC FCC ULS indicates emmission designators 11K2 F3E (analog) and 11K2F1D and 11K2F2D

Any ideas?
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Nov 29, 2010
Fire Northeast is straight analog. I monitor NE all day, everyday and haven't picked up anything different. Maybe you were picking up something else on the same frequency from somewhere else? The only other thing I could tell you is some local fire companies are starting to purchase Motorola XPR portables and the pre-tone has a digital type sound to it.
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