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7 Mile Ridge Repeater Site

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Apr 5, 2010
Hello Fellow Radio Folks,

I'm wondering if any of you would know the whereabouts of the 7 Mile Ridge Repeater Site. I was out for a drive last night and saw a radio tower located in Saint Arthur, which is about 9.5 Km SW of Campbellton, NB. I had a hunch that it may be it, being the large number of antennas on it. I know that there are a number of users that have a repeater located at "7 Mile Ridge", including

Ambulance New Brunswick (150.650 Mhz, 151.460 Mhx Input)
Central Restigouche County RCMP (155.58 Mhz, 154.92 Mhz Input)
Emergency Measures Organization (EMO) (411.3875 Mhz)
Department Of Transportation (410.8125 Mhz, 415.8125 Mhz Input)

and possibly others.

According to some maps from the government it seems just east from the DNR repeater on top of squaw cap mountain, and I know exactly where that one is. Its too bad that the maps are so low detail that they are of very little use.

I took some pictures of a possible match located at N47° 54.853 W66° 41.223 (1193' Elevation)
Looks kind'a run down, but as long as things are working as they should, they probably don't really care about how it looks. (Take a look on google maps if you want. Drop the street view guy on the marker thats on the map. Google Maps (With Marker))

(Pics: http://pictures.cms.dentremont.co.cc/7MR rrptr.jpg

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