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7 Tower Deaths In 5 Weeks

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Jul 28, 2004
Cromwell CT
Its the same with my other job/hobby...Lighting and Sound for concerts, its a generaly rule of thimb to be careful...regardless of wether you are doing a live earth type setup or just your run of the mill mobile stage setup...just as its the same with your backyard tower or your towns towers or network towers, you need to be careful...follow al of your safety requirements, and while you still arent guranteed a safe trip up (or down god forbid) your chances are better...i once did a touring concert show and had a new person on my crew...now as a general rule of tumb i dont allow newbs to climb towers (usually we have a scissor lift) but sometime we dont and we may need to climb...anywhoooo he insisted that he was experience enough to climb, i told him to harness up and go on up (he had worked with other staging companies before) he told me he didnt need one to go up (about 20' over the stage) at which point i refused to let him go up...needless to say there was an ensuing argument...not 2 weeks later in a stage magazine (PLSN i belive) there was a story about someone falling off a "grid" as we call it and dying as a result of his injuries. i save this article and keep it in my gig bag to show anyone who might not want to follow procedures...common sense can go a long way, i hope people read this and take a look at their safety procedures and make sure they are sufficent, there will always be hazards but if you look at the majority of the accidents out there you can usually fnd that someone wasnt doing things safely (sometimes unknowingly)...you have to be alive to enjoy your hobby or job...plus i hear heaven is using an encrypted p-25 system with a tetra build in it (so there will be nothing to monitor) ...jk...but really be safe out there all no matter what your job or hobby is!!!!!!!!!!!!

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