725 repeater in philadelphia

Feb 17, 2007
Philly Metro,PA
skypilot (citywide) 725's tone is 91.5 and from what me and the other guys know about it it is a open machine with a license obviously as spugeddy said it has a short timeout timer on it but you are welcome to get on and give a shout theres always normally someone listening that would be willing to have a conversation with.

harbor-tech the norristown system is down indefinitely i know the owner as the main supporter of the system no longer lives in the area. It kinda sucks that gmrs is dying in the area would like to see more open repeaters go up for more coverage in travel especially in the SE region of PA

if anyone has any information on open gmrs in the area or trying to put one up fell free to shoot me a private message.


Premium Subscriber
Dec 26, 2005
Medford, NJ
Hello Sky.
You should jump on one day while in
your travels. 725 has great coverage, but
trying to put up with the sporadic timeout
dropping carrier is a bit frustrating
I was throwing my call out there yesterday while driving home, no replies. I'll try again today, around 3:45-4:30pm I'm commuting.