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? 796 Firmware Upgrade For Implicit Trunking Systems ?

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Apr 28, 2002
Naperville, IL
This is really a question for UPMAN. Is Uniden planning on releasing a 796 firmware upgrade that will allow the scanner to properly track VHF and UHF Implicit systems?

Our local state system is a VHF P25 Implicit system and it won't track properly. It will see the CC just fine, but randomly will not forward to a voice channel. When a voice channel does come up, the audio is very low or distorted (almost as if you are on a adjacent channel), yet the proper frequency is being displayed (as indicated on my 396 that is also tracking the system with complete success). If I simultaneously monitor the same voice channels with a different P25 scanner in conventional mode, the digital audio is decoded properly. The same it true on the 796 I am working with works fine on conventional also.

Reading some other posts on RR and other boards, the same seems to be true in AK on the ALMR system and also other GOV 400Mhz Implicit systems are giving the 796 problems.

I was hoping that Uniden would be working on a firmware update. Since I can monitor the system on my 396, it's no major problem, but it would be nice if the 796 could as well.

Thanks in advance.
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