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8.33 kHz AM airband in Europe

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Aug 14, 2011
Being in the UK, I would like to be able to properly receive 8.33 kHz AM transmissions as used in the civil airband across Europe.
Although a number of Uniden scanners provide an 8.33 kHz tuning step, is is clear that the bandwidth remains about 25 kHz so you can potentially hear three channels at once. This is especially noticeable in the airline ops band (131.4 to 131.991666)

I expect that the bandwidth is set by hardware and cannot be fixed in firmware.

However the 8.33 kHz 'frequencies' used by ATC (that are more like channels rather than precise frequencies) could be partially done by firmware.
For example, "118.000" is a 25 kHz bandwidth channel on frequency 118.0 MHz.
While "118.005" is an 8.33 kHz bandwidth channel also on 118.0 MHz.
"118.010" is the next 8.33 kHz slot, at 118.00833 MHz.

The display of nominal frequencies rather than exact frequencies could happen automatically if the user chooses 8.33 kHz steps in the civil airband.
At least reflecting the number that ATC and pilots use would be a helpful step in the right direction.

And perhaps Uniden would provide a proper narrow AM bandwidth in hardware in future models.
It would be useful for AM CB in the US too.
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