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Mar 26, 2016
New London, CT
8TAC-92 is being used (I believe statewide) in Ct. today for the State Fireman’s Convention & parade in Avon. Can someone post the frequency? RR doesn’t have that listed under anything in Ct? Maybe it’s under Nationwide?
8TAC92 is a local, on scene channel - not Statewide..... "TAC" = Tactical.... Local Repeater, or could work in the simplex / direct mode - 8TAC92D (D=Direct)

8CALL90 is "Statewide" when it's turned on. It was turned on this AM for the convention.


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Oct 18, 2002
Farmington, Connecticut
I found the 8CALL 8TAC assignments listed under the Nationwide tab in Butel’s ARC program. It’s all there under National Interoperability.

Funny thing when I went to download into my scanner... what I got was the creation of a new FL but it had nothing listed within the FL. So I programmed the 800 MHz freqs manually for the State Fireman’s Convention and Parade yesterday. I did change the default name when I downloaded and will try again today using the default name, hopefully with more success. I want to plug the entire National Interop listings and see if there are other channels being used on a regular basis here in Ct.

8CALL90/90D was active with fire units from around the state signing on and then being directed to change channels to 8TAC92/92D. I suspect the “D” (92/92D) stands for “Direct”?

Thanks to all for replying. With a better understanding of the system, I was able to enjoy the parade event. But a bit dismayed at the turnout... I’ve watched bigger town parades. The Convention Parade lasted only about one hour. And that was with mostly Ancient Drum Corps and Pipe Bands (who march at a slower pace as opposed to Senior Drum and Bugle Corps). If I may, a note as to why this parade has shrunk in size over the years... it’s probably a combination of issues... towns not liking being without apparatus that cost them millions, the use of the Parade Marshals judging (the points system used to determine IF a unit is eligable to compete for “Best Overall” and other major trophy’s is determined by how many sanctioned parades they attended that year, are just two factors. But this is not the forum for this so I will end here.
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