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Afilliation list question

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Mar 19, 2007
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Hi guys,

I'm new to uni-trunker and couldn't find an explanation of the colors used of the affiliation list. Some ID's are green, others are greyish/white. The greyish id's don't usually have talkgroups next to them. What does this mean? Are these denied ID's or something?

Also, I've had multiple hits on talkgroup 10000. I have the output in Hex right now. How is this possible?

Thanks in advance!
Dec 19, 2002
The HEX 10000 (and I had to pull out the calc for this), is DEC 65536, which is also 2^16 bits, but is also known as the site identification. Generally, the call-sign of the site is being brodcast on the last channel at that site. I think Rick chose this as a place holder. It's a UT specific message for the ID broadcast.

The green color is the default color assigned to all talkgroups in UT. You can change the color to match your liking. The white/grey color is "affiliation". The green should be "full registration", if I understand the way Rick coded the display.

I may be wrong on these, but I like it when Rick corrects me :)
Feb 24, 2001
Unitrunker uses ID 10000 (hex) or 65536 (decimal) for the Motorola base station identification (aka CW ID) that briefly ties up a channel with the station license in Morse code.

Green is the default color for new IDs. You can change that on a per-system basis.

If you imported data from the RR DB, there is a dictionary of "color words" used to assign default colors based on the content of the group ID text labels / alpha tags. Blue for police, red for fire/ems, yellow for schools, and so on. I don't recall what use was assigned to grey/silver. I can dig that up later.
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