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Alameda, Community of Harbor Bay

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Jul 1, 2006
Alameda, CA

Does anyone know the frequencies in use by this group, specifically the security patrol? I looked in the FCC database and programmed all the frequencies listed into my scanner, but nothing has ever been heard.

I live within the HOA and want to monitor how well they patrol and how professionally they do their jobs...since I help pay their salaries!!

Thanks in advance.


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Dec 16, 2003
San Francisco Bay Area
Hey Alameda Dad,

Which development are you in? You can PM me if you want, I also live in Harbor Bay.

Harbor Bay residential security uses 463.4125. They're on a radio link where the residents call the phone number and the security officers answer on their radios.

Whenever a resident calls HBI Security to request vacation checks, the officers will ask for a telephone callback number so the resident's address isn't broadcast over the air.
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