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Alaska P-25

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Nov 22, 2007
Heading up north and need to program the ALMR (Alaska Land Mobile Radio) in My BCD996t. Does anyone know if the following bandplans have to be inputed, iknow the other p-25 systems do not require this using uniden scanners.
(taken from RR database}
The ALMR system, being a VHF APCO-25 system, has no default frequency assignments available for use in scanners. The system in fact appears to use 8 sets of channel assignments of the 16 possible sets under the APCO-25 specification. As the Pro-96 receiver can be set, with suitable software, for up to 6 sets under the multi-table setting, the following list has been found to work with the majority of the sites listed here on the database. All settings have a Base Freq: 136.000 and use a Step: 12.5kHz The other table settings are as follows:CH Lo CH Hi Offset
8192 12287 8192
20480 24575 20480
24576 28671 24576
28672 32767 28672
32768 36863 32768
36864 40959 36864
*** All sites with numbers in the 100s, 200s, and 300s have been confirmed with scanners and software ***
Dec 17, 2000
I dont have a 996 but last summer I used a 396 to monitor ALMR. I did not have to enter the bandplans, the radio did the work by itself. I entered numerous sites but also entered 154.6500 to 156.2400 and did a control channel search and tracked the system that way.
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