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Algonquin Park Frequencies

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Aug 14, 2005
Brantford, Ontario
I will be going on hollidays to Algonquin Park this holliday weekend and would like to know what interesting frequencies to listen to. I have a BC 796D with the closest fleetnet towers programed in to it and would like to know if the park staff are part of the system?

Thanks, Vance


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Nov 5, 2002
Hi Vance , I remember this subject being discussed on Yahoogroups -ScanOnt.
That member reported hearing Park Warden/Maitenance activity in VHF -Lo band on 46.76 and 46.33 mHz. He did not report which talkgroups from Fleetnet were in use.

You may also want to include 153.830 for South Algonquin Fire ( hopefully just to monitor radio checks ! :eek: )
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Database Admin
Dec 19, 2002
Durham Region, Ontario
This is what I posted the other day after spending a week at the Park. As a side note, there was barely to no MOH or MNR traffic on Fleetnets WestGate tower. Just OPP.


Hi All,

Spent the most part of this week at Algonquin Park. Went up on Tuesday morning and their telephone/computer lines were
down due to the storm the night before. So all the admin stuff had to be done via their radio system. So I took
advantage Tuesday and Wednesday.

Algonquin was using two main channels.

Channel 18 46.7600 110.9 Hz Inter-camp/Maintenance/Park Wardens/Inter-park
Channel 09 46.3300 110.9 Hz Park Wardens/OPP Whitney

They do a weather report every morning at or about 9:00-9:30 am on CH 18.

Darlington uses:

Channel 08 46.8200 110.9 Maintenance/Park Warden
Channel 18 46.7600 110.9 Secondary use/Inter-park

Channel 18 is the common for Algonquin/Central Region Parks. I was talking to a very nice female Park Warden and 18 is
common but not used at all parks. Some of the smaller parks may not use radios at all anymore as the government had
contracted the maintenance to local companies, but most still has one that monitors 18 for inter-park.

Aside from that, they can use any other channel if needed.


Jul 9, 2006
Algonquin park

Ministry of natural resources enforcement officers use the new bell fleet.net, Park workers still use the old six meter frquencies. They can be found in most scan guides in ontario

If you cant find them.
drop me a line
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