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Almost Free patch cables

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Aug 14, 2006
Clark County, NV.
So I'm a COX Cable customer and they now have small cable boxes you need for every TV in your house for Digital TV. Well nice to know if you're like me these boxes come with short Coax patch cables and HDMI cables. My TV's all use HDMI so the coax cables were not needed. Until today when I noticed a problem with two of my scanner patch cables. When scanners suddenly get quiet there's reason to check the coax. So I am now using the coax from Cox on two scanners. They work just fine, I know 75 ohm vs 50 ohm, not starting that discussion again. I run Beldin 9913 to an Electroline 8 way drop amp. These patch cables were from the amp to scanners. Just a few feet needed. Also had to use f to BNC adaptors at the scanners. I agree not actually free since the boxes are rented from COX.
Feb 11, 2009
You've just discovered why I've been using 75 ohm coax, amps, for decades with great success.
I designed and installed master antenna systems for motels so I had thousands of feet of rg11 and rg6 laying around which cost me a small fraction of 50ohm coax to buy
I use 50 ft of Belden RG6 from the scanner antenna to a Channel Master 8 port distribution amp I bought for $40 bucks and It works great
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