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AM/FM to CB antenna splitter

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Nov 16, 2007
ADMIN CAN YOU EDIT TITLE TO DISPLAY "AM/FM to scanner antenna splitter." I was working on two things at once and posted title in wrong forum

I just want to know if anyone has had any luck using this thing. A scanner antenna would look ridiculous on my car, and I was wondering how this worked. Here a link.


The other thing I was wondering. Its alot cheaper to but a Female Motorola to BNC coupler, with a BNC - BNC coupler, then a cable to the antenna jack. I NEVER use my FM radio due to Ipod and sirius radio in my car. Doing it that way should be the same thing as the splitter from above, but without the ability to use it as a regular FM/AM antenna.

One last thing is. Is is possible for you to use a CB antenna as a scanner antenna?
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Jun 16, 2006
Those work good, I use one in one car and in the other car I got a car antenna splitter (Y) from the parts store and an antenna extension and the right adapters and that works just as well for half the cost.

btw, your car radio reception is not affected even when scanning.
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