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am I recording LTE uplink signals?

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Sep 8, 2018
I have this app, LTE Discovery, in my phone which tells me the LTE UL frequency and power so I went with my SDR and measured the received signal at that frequency and it matched.
Now, how can I be sure this is the transmitted signal from my phone? As I made a call to and from this phone and nothing changed.



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Dec 19, 2002
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To improve the detail I would do three things to the spectral display.

1. Move the base noise closer to the bottom of the display.
2. Change the vertical scale to stretch the signals vertically.
3. Change the horizontal scale to stretch the signal horizontally.

Purpose is to see more detail in the clump in the center of what you have now.

You might see something once you expand what little data you have to fill the available space.

Try wrapping the phone in aluminum foil several times to see if anything in the display disappears.

Take a look at the LTE protocol/implementation. Likely several other signals in that clump and your phone is only one of them.

Good Luck
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