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An interesting radio debate

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May 7, 2004
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I agree with the girl that bombing DOES NOT HELP ANYTHING when you look at the fact that 1000s of innocent people have died because of this stupid war that didnt have to!
I didn't listen. But I think you saying that this is a "stupid war" is a meritless liberal claim that can only be construed by watching, reading and listening to the far-left bull crap. WE didn't start this "stupid war" they did. Remember 9/11? But since you are paranoid about OS's and still use Windows 98 I bet you are a 9/11 truther. You probably read the crap from Alex Jones. Am I in the ball park?

We have made progress on bomb dropping. Just look at WWII. We fire bombed the Germans to hell and then you have the two atomic bombs we dropped on Japan. For the most part our precision strikes have taken out a whole hell of a lot of A-rabs. In Iraq our missile strikes were so precise that they only took out half a building or floor. It's only when you have collateral damage that the media reports about it. But I digress, Fox has reported on both the A-rabs that are blown to smithereens from drone strikes and the collateral damage. Missiles are a hell of a lot easier to use rather than sending in a SOCOM team to get the bastards. You could have Americans killed.

You say thousands. Do you have a source to that number?
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