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Anemometer talk

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Jun 28, 2016
Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas
Not sure how many of us are storm chasers or spotters or just weather enthusiasts, but in looking for recommendations for a inexpensive but good quality/bang for my buck handheld anemometer. Trying to save money where I can, while getting something worth saving a penny on.

Also any recommendations on mobile roof mount weather stations that are fairly inexpensive? Would love to have a Davis or Young on top of my vehicle but don't have that kind of money. Looking for something that will allows me to link up to my computer for data.

I'm aware that I should just spend the money for all the bells and whistles, but if I can save a buck and have more money for chases or other projects (like finishing my magnetic hail-guard for my windows) it would be awesome for me since I'm a budget chaser.

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