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Another PCR/R2500 question

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Jan 19, 2001
So. Texas
I am currently running a Tram 1411 discone on Main fed by 75ft of LMR400 at 30ft elevation. The Sub is fed by an ST2 fed by 50 ft of OEM 75 ohm rg6 (?) at 20 ft elevation.

Ok so far? With that established:
On vhf channels, I pick up a particular signal on Main @ S9
the same frequency, I pick up the same signal in Sub @ S7
In diversity tune I get S60+ (max) even with antennuator.

It is more prevalent on uhf and 800mhz
Main S7
Sub S5
Diversity S9+10over

Is this normal? I would think one of the receivers would show the higher signal. It almost seems like there is a cumulative addition of signals displayed during diversity tune, although I know 'you can only receive so much signal.'

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