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Another question

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Nov 13, 2013
Milton Freewater Oregon
After a few posts/questions you all have convinced me that I should purchase a rig with both 6 meter capability and FM. So given my budget I was looking at the IC 7200 however it does not have FM. My next choice was the TS 480sat or 480hx. The TS480 series seem to be a very popular and highly rated radio. Here are my thoughts. Go with the TS 480HX. I am still going back and forth between the SAT and HX. Antenna tuner versus the extra 100 watts? If I go with the HX I would need a larger (41 amp) power supply. I looked at the MFJ 4245MV but am not sure it would be big enough 40 amp continuous 45 surge. The 480 HX requires 41 amps. My thinking is to go with two power supplies. My reasoning is that if you had a problem with one, you would still be able to run your rig on 100 watts. So this brings me to my question. Would the MFJ 4245MV work? I know I saw a video of a fellow on the internet using that set up. Would I be better off using two separate supplies?
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