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Antenna for HT1000

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Nov 29, 2006
I'm looking to upgrade the antenna on my HT1000 as well as on my Kenwood TK260. Both units use the SMA style connector. I need the antenna to operate between 151mhz and 155mhz. I currently have the short, approximately 6", antennas on each of them.

I've searched the internet looking for a "high-gain" or "long whip" antenna and haven't come across any, although i know they make them because most of my co-workers have them on their radios. All the extra ones i've been finding laying around are broken/taped/unusable.

Thanks for the help! If anyone knows where to buy one i would greatly appreciate it!


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Apr 4, 2004
There is a good company called Epcom (El Paso Communications). They have great prices on the antennas you are looking for. Do a google search for "Epcom" and it will come up.
Sep 17, 2004
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Here is a partial list of moto part numbers for jedi duck antennas.
You would have to cross reference these to other manufacture
part numbers if they are not available from moto anymore but
my guess is moto or moto dealers still sell these.

Insulator color codes in the sma connector.

VHF Wide Band Helical (8.1"): Red (NAD6563)
VHF Helical 136-151 (7.8"): Yellow (NAD6566)
VHF Helical 151-562 (7.3"): Black (NAD6567)
VHF Helical 162-178 (6.9"): Blue (NAD6568)
UHF Helical 403-435 (3.3"): Red (NAE6546)UHF Range 1
UHF Helical 435-470 (3.2"): Green (NAE6547)UHF Range 2
UHF Helical 470-520 (3.2"): Black (NAE6548)UHF Range 3
UHF Wide Band Whip (5.2"): Grey (NAE6549)
800 Whip (7"): Red (NAF5037)
800 1/4 Wave Stubby (3.3"): White (NAF5042)8505241U06
800 Dipole (8"): Red (NAF5039).
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