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Antenna help on BCD 436Hp?

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May 14, 2012
Montco PA
I need some help on my BCD 436Hp antenna? I have the radio shack 800 mhz antenna it is a good antenna for 800 mhz but it is not good for vhf and uhf. I am looking for a good antenna for all band like vhf, uhf, and 800 mhz. I need suggestions or help?
Jun 20, 2007
Anne Arundel County, MD
No antenna can cover all those ranges optimally since they all require different antennas.

By definition, an "all band" antenna is compromised on all bands.

If you want to get an antenna that is good on all bands, but not at the same time, get one that is extendable to make it best for the one band you might want to listen to at the moment.

The RS us good for 700-800. It's ok down to UHF, but gets worse in vhf high and even worse in vhf low.

An optimal vhf low antenna can be 6-7 feet long or longer.

Vhf high is in the maximum expanded length of one of those collapsible antennas, uhf is about half the lent of an expandable, and 800 is pretty much all the way collapsed, or a doubling of that length.

Bottom line, anybody who is selling you an all band antenna that works great on all bands is serving up nonsense. You are better off with the antenna that came with the radio.



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Jan 4, 2009
Grove City, Ohio (A Bearcat not a Buckeye)
I have used Comet CH-32 antennas for over 20 years with great results. It has an extended receive range of 118-160MHz, 250-290MHz, 360-390MHz, 420-470MHz, 820-960MHz, and 1260-1300MHz, and is only 1.75 inches long.

Most recently it has also helped to deal with the issues of Simulcast Digital Distortion.
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