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ANY scanner with iscan software, and windows 10

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Jul 26, 2016
Central South Carolina
:confused: Why is there such a problem getting windows 10 and some scanners to work, with the supplied specific scanner software? A prior sister forum post has been 'closed' for (IMHO) some vague reason. Windows 10 has been out for over a year. Pre-releases have been out for longer. WHQL drivers (or compatible) should have been developed and provided long ago. I am seeing far too many posts where ppl are advised to jury-rig this or that, to get software to 'sorta' work. Before someone gets insulted, this IS a user forum, so lets discuss this perceived lack of operability where win 10 is concerned. These newer radios spout 'plug and play', but is anyone tasking MS if it'll work as designed? I read many posts here in our 668 forum about win 10 and iscan. Am I missing something? Please advise. :confused:

Not open for further replies.