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Anyone using the TRX-2 in car

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Jul 22, 2004
Wondering about the performance with the radio mounted away from the dash.

I have had no luck with good reception using a PRO-668, PSR-800, HP1 and HP2. On the highway they are basically deaf.

But I have the RH-96 and with the BC-996 mounted in the rear it works pretty well.

I like the remote setup, just wondering how well the TRX-2 will do. I think the metal case on the 996 adds to the RF interference rejection.


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Jun 10, 2011
I've had one in my car for about 3 weeks now and it works pretty well. I need a remote head due to the space limitations of the car, and Uniden is totally disregarding that area in their current offerings so I bought the TRX-2 as my first Whistler.

There's been no problems with interference from what I've seen. Make sure your using shielded Cat5 especially if your running the line near power (including things like heated or power seats) or if your transmitting on another radio.

The two things I wish they had included is ignition sense and a way to auto start scanning. Having to manually power up the radio is a relatively minor pain but still a pain none the less. Also having to press the button to start scanning after power up is mildly annoying as well. It would be better if it automatically started to scan on power up.

But overall, other than the small annoyances with power up, I'm very happy with the radio in a mobile setting and probably will be adding a second one when finances allow.
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