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APD Zone Redistribution

Jan 19, 2009
Hello Georgia Scanners. I just caught the tail end of a clip on WSB News this evening regarding APD Zoning changes that are proposed and likely to go into effect almost immediately (according to WSB). While this may not mean any changes will be needed to Atlanta PD talk groups, etc... it could mean that someone listening for activity in certain parts of the city may need to listen to another zone. I am wondering if anyone has any more information on this and possibly a more detailed map. I was able to snap the photo of the proposed changes that was shown on TV, but I have not been able to find any more information online or via the APD site about it.


Feb 7, 2010
Atlanta GA
ArcGIS Web Application

  • On the southwest border of Zone 2 which includes the neighborhoods of Riverside, Whittier Mill Village, Hills Park, Bolton, and Blandtown, will become part of Zone 1.
  • The area west of Downtown east of Joseph E. Lowery Boulevard and north of Joseph E. Boone Boulevard that encompasses the English Avenue neighborhood and portions of west Midtown will become the westernmost portion of Zone 5.
  • The eastern portions of Midtown known as the “Garden District,” will become part of Zone 6.
  • The area of northeast Atlanta that includes Cheshire Bridge Road on the northern border and the Morningside and Piedmont Heights neighborhoods, will become Beat of Zone 6.

Hopefully this help!