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Apple licking

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May 29, 2011
York county Me.
I got 3 good apple baring tree's here,
and a motor home ( not mine ) sit's under 1 of them every May--1st snow fall
In that time frame,
the apples grow and fall at every stage.
So, I hear them things hit the motor home every night.
They'd bounce off and hit the car next to it..
Yesterday, 1 of those big bushey branches cracked,
and fell over while still attatched to the tree.
10 minutes later,
it snapped all the way,
and at least 200 apples bit the dust.
Around 8-pm tonight,
another branch let go.
Big branches, no marks--lucky!!!
And-- 2 weeks ago, 1 of the other tree's let a branch go..
My neighbor thought he'd be a nice guy..Hahaha,
he ran his chainsaw right thru POISON IVEY.
Mind you-- he had no rights to that tree what so ever.
So, the little schmuck got his reward.
A date with --mega scratching--..
We argued about if it is or is not poison ivey.
I grabbed some leaves,
crushed them, rolled them around in my hand,
and rubbed it all over my right arm..
Nothing happened. I was even sweating..
There's no rant here,
just an outdoor activity gone old...
I'm glad that branch is gone.
No more apples dropping from 6-pm to ???
And they all lived thru that blizzard to die while producing apple's.
The lord giveth,,,,,,,,,,,,
May 29, 2011
York county Me.
Onlyon the weekend Tom, hahaha.
Actually Mr. Charger, My arm has developped into about 20 tiny bug bite sized rashes on both sides.
That's a 1st.
I got a Dr, appt in a couple of day's.
Think I will ask about -shingle's-...
As far as the tree losing more branche's,
it has 1 more full branch right over the motor home.
Todays storm didn't take it out. This branch won't go for the side's,
It will be a dead center hit, and maybe bend something.
I can't wait
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