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AR Forestry Commission District Map & frequency list


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Mar 10, 2005
Same song, different verse.....

I don't how to post to the RR Wiki - maybe someone can put this in there for us?

I found the attached map while looking around on the ADEM website. It shows the AFC districts and a list of district HQ's & counties covered.

I also searched & compiled a list of conventional repeaters (A-M) & mobiles (01 - 12).
I figure the mobiles will be simplex for on-scene responders - If I recall correctly, these were all covered in one license - I'll try to confirm that.

151.19750 AR FORESTRY - A
151.20500 AR FORESTRY - B
151.22000 AR FORESTRY - C
151.22750 AR FORESTRY - D
151.25000 AR FORESTRY - E
151.27250 AR FORESTRY - F
151.28750 AR FORESTRY - G
151.29500 AR FORESTRY - H
151.30250 AR FORESTRY - I
151.42250 AR FORESTRY - J
151.43000 AR FORESTRY - K
151.43750 AR FORESTRY - L
151.46000 AR FORESTRY - M

159.23250 AR FORESTRY - 01
159.24000 AR FORESTRY - 02
159.24750 AR FORESTRY - 03
159.26250 AR FORESTRY - 04
159.27750 AR FORESTRY - 05
159.28500 AR FORESTRY - 06
159.29250 AR FORESTRY - 07
159.30000 AR FORESTRY - 08
159.36000 AR FORESTRY - 09
159.39000 AR FORESTRY - 10
159.43500 AR FORESTRY - 11
159.44250 AR FORESTRY - 12


Mar 13, 2004
Thanks for posting this. I live right on the Arkansas Louisiana line. A few years ago there were some big forest fires in caddo Parish. I could hear the plane dropping slurry in the 159 range ,but I forgot to get the exact frequency. But I bet I have it now. I think ar and la share some of these frequencies.
I hear a lot of traffic on 151.325